Frequently Asked Questions

Are your beds non-allergenic?


Here at Lazy Beds UK we endeavour to provide the perfect mattress and bed solutions to suit our customer’s requirements. We understand our customer’s needs when searching for non-allergenic beds and we offer a range of products to suit different budgets and customers wishes. 


In our bed and mattress selections, we offer wide ranges of non-allergenic mattresses and divans. In addition we supply mattress toppers and protectors which offer non-allergenic properties, inhibiting particles that can trigger an allergic reaction such as asthma and other breathing difficulties. 


As a concern of ours, we also choose mattresses and beds that are now manufactured using polyester and foam fillings to further reduce the risk of dust.


How long will this bed last?


In the most usual cases, the average lifetime of one of our intermediate beds is between 8 and 10 years. We offer the right advice for prolonging the life of your purchase, such as turning your mattress at least three or four times throughout the year to avoid premature wear and tear. As with the quality of the bed or mattress that you choose, the lifespan will differ.


Selecting a top of the range bed does not mean that it will last twice as long as an economy purchase but choosing quality mattresses and beds will ensure that you experience a superior level of comfort and restful sleep throughout your bed or mattresses lifetime.


Do you take away old beds?


Due to the risk of cross contamination and hygiene reasons, Lazy Beds UK is not permitted to transport both new and old beds in the same van.


How often should I turn the mattress?


Turning your mattress helps to prolong the life of your purchase, giving you the perfect night’s sleep week after week. How many times should you turn your mattress? Well most manufacturers will offer care instructions with their mattresses detailing their recommended methods to achieve the most from your mattress. 


These can vary from turning your mattress every couple of months or so to specially designed single sided mattresses that require no turning. With single sided mattresses you can still rotate the mattress head to foot every 8 weeks or so.


Can I have the drawers on this single bed on the other side?


In most cases when purchasing your new bed with us here at Lazy Beds UK, you can initially choose both left-hand and right-hand sided single beds to suit your needs and requirements. If wishing to change the location of drawers on a bed, you can only achieve this with a divan bed. The range of divan beds available here at Lazy Beds UK come complete with headboard bolt receivers. These allow you to have more control over where in the room you wish to place your bed.


Will you assemble the bed?


Do the busy workload of our delivery teams; we do not offer assembly services. However all beds do come with clear and precise instructions, ready to assemble. As with the majority of beds delivered, assembly is relatively straightforward, quick and easy.


Does the bed base fold?


Designed and manufactured to allow ease of transportation, the majority of bed bases larger than a single bed do fold or are delivered in two sections meaning that there will be no problems in manoeuvring your new bed into your bedroom.  


When delivering your new divan base and mattress, you can be sure that our expert delivery personnel will provide a superb, professional service time after time. For full details of sizes please refer to our website.


What is the biggest bed you do?


When searching for the ultimate in spacious beds and mattresses, you can opt for the Super King size. The largest commercially mass produced bed available, the Super King Size beds that we stock are a massive 6’ wide by 6’6” long and are available from many of the leading brand manufacturers such as KOZEESLEEP and Restus.  


Larger custom made beds would have to be ordered through specialist websites but would cost considerably more than the fantastic range here at Lazy Beds UK.


Do you do those beds which join together?


Here at Lazy Beds UK, we offer a wide selection of zip and link beds which offer a superb sleeping solution that is extremely flexible, offering you the choice to have independent single divan beds or when necessary, a larger double divan bed quickly and efficiently.


Do you deliver weekends/evenings?


Unfortunately we do not offer a weekend or evening delivery service at this moment. As a company who is dedicated to offering a professional service for our customers we can arrange to contact you 30 minutes prior to your scheduled delivery time to ensure that you or a friend or relative can be at your home to accept the delivery.  


As with the delivery of any order, we must ask for identification and require a certified signature to protect ourselves and you, the customer, from fraudulent events.


What is a king size bed?


The King Size bed is one of the most popular sizes of bed in the majority of master bedrooms across the UK. Maintaining the same length as the Super King Size bed at 6’6” the Kind Size’s width is slightly smaller at 5ft. Beds differ in size on an ascending scale starting at Small Single, Single, then Small Double, Double before reaching King Size and then ultimately Super King Size.  


Bedding, quilts and mattress protectors are all available in each of the sizes and our King Size divans and mattresses should fit new and existing fitted sheets and other King Size accessories easily.