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With over 40 years of experience selling beds in the UK, we pride ourselves in being able to offer the best quality and some incredibly cheap prices. As bed specialists we have a great range for all the family. Divan Beds, Wooden Beds, Pocket Sprung Beds, Bunks Beds, Guests Beds, Storage Beds, Ottoman Storage Beds, Crushed Velvet Beds, Bunk Beds, Leather Beds and mattresses. dont worry, we can supply them all at prices you will find hard to beat anywhere in the UK. Free delivery to UK. Don't delay.  We supply the finest range of beds in the UK at discount prices. Just place an online order today and we are ready to deliver it to your home. It is now easy to order high quality furniture online with free delivery.

What are Divan Beds ?


A bed consisting of a base and mattress and without footboard or headboard is called divan bed. It is most simple form of bed available in different styles in UK. You can add headboard and mattress with additional prices or a full price as a part of package. Available in different kind of sizes, shapes and storage options.


What are Sleigh Beds ?


A bed resembling a sleigh, with outward curving head and footboards is called a Sleigh Bed. The style of a sleigh bed is totally different from that of standard bed. Sleigh beds may be made of wooden, metal and leather but they are most popular in leather style. Sleigh bed is a perfect choice for modern or contemporary styled house and can contribute a lot in enhancing the beauty of your room. View and buy Sleigh Beds For Sale at online today.


What are Storage or Ottoman Beds ?


Storage or Ottoman Beds contain a storage space within the bed. Storage beds are of many types and they are usually wrapped with faux leather texture and offer a space to stock your belongings. Storage beds comes in different styles and shapes. Some beds offer huge space underneath their slatted base and are easy to pull up as they operate with an ottoman gas lift system. You can place your stuff easily in the given space making your bedroom clutter free. Some storage beds have drawers on both sides of the frame like Divan Beds where you can store some stuff. You will have option to choose drawers before buying e.g from 2 Drawers, 4 Drawers or without Drawers. There is lots of room for bulky bedding with this ottoman style bed. It has a hydraulic mechanism for easy lifting and very well popular now a days. View some of the best selling Ottoman Beds



What are Crushed Velvet Bed Frames ?


Crushed Velvet Beds are made of velvet which is woven tufted fabric where cut threads are evenly distributed, with a short dense pile, giving it a distinctive feel. Because of its unusual softness and appearance as well as its high cost of production, velvet has often been associated with nobility. At Lazy Beds there are both machine and hand made velvet bed frames available at discount prices. Check our new crushed velvet products Shimla Swan Style Crushed Velvet Bed Frame and Swan Style Crushed Velvet Bed Frame available in Double 4ft 6 and Kingsize 5ft.



Mattresses ?

A right mattress can impact a persons sleep. Ideally, a person should replace a mattress for a better sleep between 6-10 years. One of the reason is that a mattress affects your sleep is? when you lie on your any part of the body, the weight of your body reduces the flow of blood inside your capillaries underneath your skin. Therefore a mattress that reduces the pressure points on your body should give you a better night sleep. You need a bed with the correct support, comfort and space during your night sleep. There are three main types of mattresses in the market, Memory foam, Pocket Sprung Or Open coil Mattress. All these three types go through a different manufacturing process. Price sometime is not a main factor but what most important factor is that which mattress makes you feel a better sleep. Memory foam mattresses are expensive and designed to fit the shape of your body. It also keep you warm. The most popular mattress is Pocket sprung mattress and do not mould to body shape in the same way as memory foam mattress does. It also makes the body warmer. Lazy Beds offers huge and comprehensive selection of quality pocket sprung mattresses in single, small single, double, small double king size and super king sizes at the UKs lowest prices. The third type of mattress, open coil mattress is cheaper than any other type of bed mattresses. It is made from a single looped wire. As the spring in open coil move as one unit then it is more likely to be disturbed by your partner moving around during the night.

Standard UK Bed Sizes


Bed size refers to mattress size and are vary in sizes according to frame size but they are sold according to mattress size. The standard UK sizes for beds are shown below:

Small Single Beds - 2ft 6 inch - 75 cm x 190 cm ( 2' 6" x 6' 3" )
Single 3ft - 90 cm x 190 cm ( 3' 0" x 6' 3" )
Small Double 4ft - 120 cm x 190 cm ( 4' 0" x 6' 3" )
Double 4ft 6 inch - 135 cm x 190 cm (4' 6" x 6' 3")
Kingsize 5ft - 150 cm x 200 cm (5' 0" x 6' 6")
Super Kingsize 6ft - 180 cm x 200 cm ( 6' 0" x 6' 6" )

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